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One-Stop Giving

The Convenience and Simplicity of Donor Advised Funds

Your financial and charitable goals are a reflection of your commitment to support the future of your loved ones, charitable organizations you value, such as ours, and the greater community. But sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of the organizations you wish to support and the documents required to receive your benefits from charitable gifts. A convenient and easy way to organize your charitable intentions is to create a donor advised fund. Consider it one-stop giving.

How It Works

3 Tips for Choosing Where to Set Up Your Fund

  1. Evaluate the sponsoring organization carefully—When you make a gift to a donor advised fund, you irrevocably give away your money or property. Make sure the organization you select is one that supports your values.
  2. Understand the fund's policies and procedures—Minimum contributions, as well as the amount and frequency of grant recommendations, all vary depending upon the sponsoring organization.
  3. Consider costs and investment—All donor advised funds charge administrative fees that can vary considerably. In addition, investment performance will vary from one donor advised fund to the next, affecting the amount that will actually be distributable to a charitable organization.

Your Benefits

If you would like more information on setting up a donor advised fund to support organizations important to you, such as ours, please contact us today.

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